Kitchen Twine

Kitchen Twine is essential for binding rolled roasts and other meat preparations – Safe for use in the oven – Easy to use!

kitchen THREAD

Cooking Thread

  • Thickness: 4-Ply

Meat is tied and trussed with cooking twine. Other foods are tied to it as well. To aid in the preservation of shape and promote more even cooking, it is applied to roasts, medallions, and tenderloins.


Also known as Kitchen Sinulid, Butcher’s Twine, Cooking Twine, Longganisa Twine, and Food safe Thread.


Use Ideas

Food safe thread for longganisa sausage
sausage thread

Sausage String is a special cord used in meat processing plants to tie cured meat before it is smoked. They are also used in the home kitchen, garden, and farm, due to their high durability.

lechon belly twine

Another method for making a crispy Lechon belly is to roll it. The final product has a flavor reminiscent of Lechon Cebu. While the surface is as crispy as it can be, the inside is soft and tender. Lechon Belly can be tied and trussed with string to assist them to maintain their shape over time and allow for more even cooking.